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Project Results

To promote the use of digital tools in vocational education and training, foster the digital transition and strengthen the capacity of VET organizations in the field of digital training, VR VET ACADEMY project aims to develop 4 results.

The project results aim to enhance the VET trainings attractiveness and to develop new ecological approaches through e-learning activities, addressing the emerging learners’ needs in response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pedagogical Framework

A framework focused on hotel and restaurant working environment, shaped in a pedagogical curriculum format. It will represent the project basis to develop new digital tools for VET schools, teachers and trainers.

E-Learning Platform

E-Learning platform to host online lessons complementary to Virtual Reality environments. It will include language learning elements to enable students to develop their foreign language skills, whether in preparation for internships abroad or not.

Virtual Reality Environments

Virtual reality environments based on the curriculum and the content of the e-learning platform. They will be tested by 25 teachers and 100 learners across Europe and will be freely available for other users.

Impact Analysis and Policy Papers

Guidance document that will provide a global perspective of the results and impact of the project, in order to ensure its sustainability. This document will also be useful to reuse the project tools or to produce other ones.


During the project, the consortium will organize also a European learning activity for VET teachers and educators set in Barcelona in order to develop and strengthen their digital skills, improve their cross-cultural and foreign language skills and test the created tools.

Project Results' Languages

All the results will be available in French, Spanish, Greek, German and English.